Hi there!

My name is Cap Watkins and I'm a Sr. Product Design Director at Lattice. Prior to that, I was CXO at Primary, where I was responsible for Engineering, Design, Product and People (oh my!).

In the recent past, I was a professional leadership coach and organizational consultant at my company Practical Works, helping senior contributors, first-time managers and managers-of-managers grow and evolve in their roles.

I was also the VP of Design at BuzzFeed, where I managed Product Design, and did various stints managing Brand Design, our IT Department and Branded Content Operations. I started and ran programs like Hack Week, Manager Dens (support groups for managers) and even the annual and midyear review processes for our Technology team.

Before BuzzFeed, I worked with design teams at Etsy and Amazon, and was the first designer at a handful of startups that didn’t quite make it.

I believe in cross-functional, collaborative teams, who share goals and accountability across disciplines. I write and speak about managing teams, and always love chatting about products and product development.